Hello world!

Hello world! Welcome to my Blog – Adventures of a Suburban Food Nerd. I am a curious, energetic foodie who LOVES exploring the food world around me, and sharing it with friends.

Living in the suburbs of Washington DC gives me a little bit of a different perspective than I see on many of the blogs out there… I am not constantly out and about in the city at the newest or hottest places (although I do make the rounds on occasion). I am simply a suburban girl who loves to cook, eat, and discover interesting ingredients from local purveyors.

There are a TON of amazing restaurants, markets and shops out here on the “fringe”, and I want to find them all.

I plan on sharing my adventures with you as I experience all the wonderful foodie surprises the ‘burbs have to offer.



About SuburbanFoodNerd

I have been obsessed with good food my whole life - cooking it, eating it, sharing it with friends... After really getting into reviewing restaurants on other sites, I realized that my inner food nerd needed a bigger creative outlet! :)
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8 Responses to Hello world!

  1. Andrea says:

    For reals, I know where you can get the best food in the D.C. burbs – casa de la Food Nerd!

  2. Kokos_Kong says:

    I hear there is this guy in Gaithersburgo who smokes amazing pork on some sort of old Soviet satellite.

  3. Margaret Pollock says:

    Finally! I’ve been waiting for someone with downtown sensibilities to light up the cool food places out here in the suburbs. Include photos, please, and interviews, when the blog gets up to speed.

  4. maria says:

    ooh, i am SO excited for more posts! 🙂

    a fellow suburban food nerd

  5. GabrielF says:

    Thanks for finally sharing your gift with the world!

  6. Liz Davenport Pollock says:

    I am soooo very excited for this new blog! A brilliant idea! You are right, the burbs have a lot to offer for great cuisine, too. I look forward to learning all sorts of fabulous places and food tricks to revamp my cooking! And i couldn’t think of a better person to write it! Any desire to extend some of your food visits to the burbs of Virginia…especially Ashburn? I would def join you!

  7. Erin says:

    i already love reading your posts! you were meant for this! can’t wait to read on….

    btw…we miss you and can’t wait to get together (hopefully soon)!

  8. Joelle says:

    When will you be starting the traveling blog? LOTS of places in LA and the OC for you to review!!!

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