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Restaurant Review – Parkway Deli & Restaurant

Ok… It’s been a LONG week of lunches at my desk, non blogging dinners, a heartbreaking Redskins loss, and dreary rainy days. I have not had much blog time, but I have a bunch of great stuff lined up!!! In … Continue reading

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Kitchen Adventures – Turkey Chili

Leftovers. What a terrible word – it even SOUNDS unappetizing. How often can one reheat and eat even the most delicious food? Something is invariably lost in the process… Mr. Food Nerd is particularly averse to leftovers, and not being … Continue reading

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Restaurant Review – Nando’s Peri-Peri

Over the last couple weeks the legend of a new suburban chicken outpost has been growing… A legend of a new and exotic kind of chicken, Peri-Peri chicken. People boasted of having eaten this chicken in the city, and bragged … Continue reading

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Kitchen Adventures – Roast Turkey

I love cooking Thanksgiving dinner. LOVE IT! This year we will be hosting some friends and family, and Mr. Food Nerd expressed interest in cooking the turkey in our ceramic cooker. We are proud owners of a Big Green Egg … Continue reading

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Food Obsessed? Not At All ;) (Top Chef Edition)

Is it odd to have trouble sleeping because you are thinking about cooking, eating or entertaining? Is it weird to toss and turn because you know a new episode of Top Chef is airing live? I think it may be slightly abnormal, … Continue reading

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Food Truck Round-Up

Ok, food trucks are becoming more and more popular, and there are several new additions to the DC scene… This is not strictly speaking a suburban topic… but plenty of you live and work in the city, so here is … Continue reading

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Restaurant Reminder – Jaleo

With all the shiny new restaurants that are popping up across the metro area, it is easy to forget an older favorite. I was reminded of this last night when I met friends for dinner at Jaleo! I have always … Continue reading

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