Yes… That IS a Hot Dog Toaster

The Hotdog Toaster.

It winks at you from the pages of SkyMall and Hammacher Schlemmer. It is printed on leaflets that flutter out of the Sunday paper (often with a big red “SALE” stamped on top). It haunts you at work, when you want a hot lunch, but REALLY don’t want to walk too far from your desk… (or is that one just me?)

Yes friends – we got a hotdog toaster!

Let me start with the cons… It is dangerous to have this kind of easy access to hotdogs. People LOVE this thing, so be prepared to share. Also – the toaster only will fit slender hotdogs – don’t bother coming in with those fancy plumping franks.

Now… The PROS! This lovely little machine not only roasts hotdogs, but it warms the buns as well. Within minutes you can be eating a delicious dog. That, and it’s fun… ’nuff said.

Wary of storing this contraption at home – the shiny red snack machine has made it’s home in the office kitchen. On a *loosely set* schedule – someone in the “Wiener Wednesday” club is in charge of bringing in the makings of a delicious hot dog lunch!

Let me stop you before you ask about the name “Wiener Wednesday”… I had no choice –  “Frankfurter Fridays” were a bust because apparently everyone on my floor teleworks on Fridays, and “Hot Dog Happy Hour” was eschewed in favor of a REAL happy hour, so we were left with “Wiener Wednesday”. Don’t worry – it’s catchy – you’ll get used to it.

So far, we have sampled a variety of different hot dog brands, buns and toppings. The Favorites? Boars Head Beef Frankfurters and Hebrew National Beef Franks. The best buns have been of the potato bread variety, and while everyone likes different toppings, spicy mustard, sauerkraut and chili are favorites (raw onions? not so much).

There is something really pleasant about taking a break for a hot-dog lunch with co-workers. You chat about things you may not have talked about eating a more refined meal, and you relax a little. Best of all – my silly little hot dog toaster it makes Wednesday’s (or every third Wednesday…) just a little bit better.

UPDATE – There have been several of you who have inquired as to where to get this toaster… click HERE!


About SuburbanFoodNerd

I have been obsessed with good food my whole life - cooking it, eating it, sharing it with friends... After really getting into reviewing restaurants on other sites, I realized that my inner food nerd needed a bigger creative outlet! :)
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4 Responses to Yes… That IS a Hot Dog Toaster

  1. Trish Hummer says:

    Looks very cool. Jay makes a killer hot dog topped with homemade mac and cheese. It’s to die for!

  2. oooOOOOooooo – I am adding Mac and Cheese to the must-try topping list!!!

  3. Rodrigo Moritz says:

    Cool gadget, and nice writing! Now I’ll HAVE to go out for a Hot Dog after work. It’s your fault 🙂

  4. What a great idea for the office. Let’s see if I can get any one to join in on the fun!

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