New Year’s Resolutions (Happy 2012!!)

I am big on clean slates.

There is something about a new beginning that opens up life to possibilities. You are given the chance to envision yourself at your very best, and make a plan to get there. In the past, I have made WAAAYYYY too many resolutions all at once, been overwhelmed by the enormity of it all, and forgotten them by valentines day. I have accepted that I will NEVER go to the gym everyday. I will NEVER remember to send a card to every family member or friend on their birthday, anniversary etc. I will NEVER be able to do laundry on a set schedule, or iron (ick) once a week.

This year – I am taking it easier on myself with two simple resolutions – I resolve to bake more and waste less.

Baking and I have never gotten along. It is WAY too much like chemistry, and for some reason, I am a super messy baker. Recently though, I have been fantasizing about baked goods… Whipping up come cinnamon buns, a fresh loaf of bread or a warm batch of cookies is a very appealing idea. Just not one I ever act on. This year – I will act!

I really don’t like to waste food, but so often, I find myself throwing out goodies that have been sitting in the fridge for too long. I get so focused on a recipe or menu, that I often overlook perfectly good food for the sake of the dish I want to try. This singular focus causes MORE waste, because I end up with leftover ingredients from two dishes instead of one!  In 2011 I took baby steps towards this goal, but in 2012, I resolve to be more mindful of what I have on-hand, and find creative ways to use leftovers or remnants of ingredients from recipes.

I hope you all had a very happy and healthy holiday season, and I look forward to sharing more delicious adventures with you all in 2012.

Happy New Year!


About SuburbanFoodNerd

I have been obsessed with good food my whole life - cooking it, eating it, sharing it with friends... After really getting into reviewing restaurants on other sites, I realized that my inner food nerd needed a bigger creative outlet! :)
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