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Things I Will Miss… (Nora Ephron Tribute)

Inspired by a list Nora wrote in her book “I Remember Nothing”, I thought sharing my own food-nerd list of things I will miss would be a fitting tribute… a reminder to live the most wonderful life you can, and – most importantly – to stop to savor all the little things that make life incredible. Continue reading

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New Year’s Resolutions (Happy 2012!!)

I am big on clean slates. There is something about a new beginning that opens up life to possibilities. You are given the chance to envision yourself at your very best, and make a plan to get there. In the past, I … Continue reading

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So Very Thankful…

I love Thanksgiving. I have been lucky enough to cook Thanksgiving dinner for my family and friends for more years than I can recall. I HATE that Christmas  has been encroaching on my favorite holiday… I also hate how busy we … Continue reading

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My Quest For a Feijoada Recipe

At 6 AM one Saturday in September, Jacinta knocked on my door with bags full of black beans, rice, sausages, salted pork, dried beef, collard greens, manioc flour, garlic, and oranges. Her car was on the street with open doors … Continue reading

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Yes… That IS a Hot Dog Toaster

The Hotdog Toaster. It winks at you from the pages of SkyMall and Hammacher Schlemmer. It is printed on leaflets that flutter out of the Sunday paper (often with a big red “SALE” stamped on top). It haunts you at … Continue reading

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2011 Starting With a Bang (ok, no bang – but Restaurant Week DC!)

With all the cooking and running around and COOKING that happens this time of year, I tend to fantasize about going OUT to dinner… That is why I was thrilled to realize that WINTER Restaurant Week DC is almost upon … Continue reading

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