Recommended Reading

Please see below for a (always in-progress) list of books or magazines that I read and found to be interesting, informative and/or inspiring:

Omnivore’s Dilemma, The – Michael Pollan’s popular book is a great (and informative) read! Pollan brings readers along as he researches, prepares for and eats four very different meals – each representing a different food system. I was shocked at many of the things I learned, but this is not a propaganda piece. In the end, I felt educated and empowered to make better decisions about the foods I choose to serve and eat.

Gastronomica – A quarterly journal “on food and culture” published by the University of California Press. This lush, well written journal is packed with scholarly essays, articles, and gorgeous photographs. I eagerly wait for its arrival.

Lucky Peach – Another quarterly journal on food and culture… this one stemming from the strange and wonderful brains of David Chang, Peter Meehan, and the people responsible for No Reservations with Anthony Bourdain. It is odd, irreverent, and amazing.


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