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Restaurant Review – Freddy’s Lobster + Clams (A Bit of Maine in Maryland)

This Fall, Freddy’s has really come into it’s own. They have slowly expanded the menu and are building a loyal clientele by paying attention to quality and value. Continue reading

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Restaurant Review – Parkway Deli & Restaurant

Ok… It’s been a LONG week of lunches at my desk, non blogging dinners, a heartbreaking Redskins loss, and dreary rainy days. I have not had much blog time, but I have a bunch of great stuff lined up!!! In … Continue reading

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Food Truck Round-Up

Ok, food trucks are becoming more and more popular, and there are several new additions to the DC scene… This is not strictly speaking a suburban topic… but plenty of you live and work in the city, so here is … Continue reading

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Restaurant Review – Againn (Rockville)

Local. Organic. Fresh. Sustainable. Delicious. One of the new gastro-pubs in DC  set up another shop in the old Houston’s space on Rockville Pike! Againn Gastropub (pronounced “aguinn”, meaning ‘together’ or ‘with us’ in gaelic) opened its doors six weeks … Continue reading

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Guilty Pleasure – Dumpling Extravaganza

You may not know this about me, but I LOVE noodles (I am totally eating some now for dinner!). The only things better than standard noodles, are those noodle-wrapped packages of goodness – DUMPLINGS! I am lucky enough to work … Continue reading

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Restaurant Review – Spice Xing (Rockville)

I am at a bit of a loss as to how to properly review Spice Xing (Rockville, MD), because Indian food is new for me (and a bit too hot for my tender taste buds!). Spice Xing is the younger … Continue reading

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Reviews – Elevation Burger

In the last few years a number of burger joints have been popping up across the region. Some are unabashedly greasy fast-food, some purport to be healthy versions of the standard, and others boast true gourmet fare. Each brand has it’s own … Continue reading

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Big City Restaurant Moving to the ‘Burbs!!

I am a big fan of Matchbox Restaurant in DC. They make wonderful brick-oven pizzas, and are known for serving plates full of juicy sliders topped with mountains of onion straws. They also boast a bistro menu full of tempting … Continue reading

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Hello world!

Hello world! Welcome to my Blog – Adventures of a Suburban Food Nerd. I am a curious, energetic foodie who LOVES exploring the food world around me, and sharing it with friends. Living in the suburbs of Washington DC gives … Continue reading

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