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Food Truck Review – Curbside Cupcakes

With a happy tweet from a friend (thank you @Chellester21!!), I learned that another food truck was visiting us in Silver Spring today! Curbside Cupcakes docked one of their (three!!!) pink trucks on Colesville road today and I HAD to … Continue reading

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Food Truck Review – Red Hook Lobster Pound

The food truck movement has been exploding in our area, but for too long these exotic new purveyors of eclectic, convenient and varied lunch options have kept within the confines of the District. Thankfully, the trucks have started to expand their territories … Continue reading

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Restaurant Review – Parkway Deli & Restaurant

Ok… It’s been a LONG week of lunches at my desk, non blogging dinners, a heartbreaking Redskins loss, and dreary rainy days. I have not had much blog time, but I have a bunch of great stuff lined up!!! In … Continue reading

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Restaurant Review – Nando’s Peri-Peri

Over the last couple weeks the legend of a new suburban chicken outpost has been growing… A legend of a new and exotic kind of chicken, Peri-Peri chicken. People boasted of having eaten this chicken in the city, and bragged … Continue reading

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Restaurant Review – Fire Station One, Silver Spring

Fire Station One in Silver Spring is an interesting place that seems to be trying to find its identity. The restaurant/bar is housed in a converted fire station on Georgia Ave in Silver Spring. The building was originally a National … Continue reading

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Guilty Pleasure – Dumpling Extravaganza

You may not know this about me, but I LOVE noodles (I am totally eating some now for dinner!). The only things better than standard noodles, are those noodle-wrapped packages of goodness – DUMPLINGS! I am lucky enough to work … Continue reading

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Shop Review – Fenwick Beer and Wine

Finding a large selection of micro-brews, imports and craft beers is a hard thing to do in Montgomery County.  Sure – you can find a couple special six-packs here or there… and if you are really lucky, you know a … Continue reading

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